Advanced Rejuvenation Treatments

Effective revitalisation of those trickier areas




Sometimes a particular facial issue can be caused by several different factors and simply placing filler into only the area with the visible problem can give an unnatural and unsatisfactory result.

In such complex cases we need to accurately identify the cause of the problem and treat the underlying issues in order to give you a result that makes you feel comfortable, confident and happy with your complexion.

Such techniques include the ‘8 point lift’ and the ‘MD codes’ which are designed to give your face an overall rejuvenation and also treat difficult areas which require more respect such as the tear trough and jawline.

Malone Aesthetics — Fees

Anti-wrinkle treatments — Botox™

Treatment Price
1 Area £145
2 Areas £195
3 Areas £230
To combat clenching £300
For chin £125
For platysymal bands (neck) £230

Lip Enhancements

Treatment Price
0.5ml £165
1ml £230

Cheek Enhancments

Treatment Price
from £220
Additional Syrignes Price upon consult

Jawline Conturing

Treatment Price
from £350

Tear Trough

Treatment Price
from £250


Treatment Price
from £350

Hollistic Facial Filler Treatments

Treatment Price
8 point lift price upon consult
MD Codes price upon consult


Treatment Price
2 treatments one month apart £450

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