Botulinum Anti-wrinkle Injections

Relax your skin and reduce your wrinkles



Anti-wrinkle injections contain tiny amounts of botulinum toxin which reduce lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles responsible for these undesirable facial changes.

Placing a small volume of solution into the specific muscles involved relaxes your skin, over the next 2 - 14 days, allowing your skin to appear smooth, fresh and natural. The treatment normally lasts between 3 and 6 months after which it may be repeated.

Taking only minutes to complete, and with minimal discomfort, we first take our time to assess the location and severity of your wrinkles and identify the key facial muscles involved. Working together we discuss the result you would like to achieve and develop a plan to safely and effectively treat the affected areas.

Wrinkle reduction injections can be used to smooth out forehead lines, crows feet and the Glabella area between the eyebrows.

At Malone Dental we use only top quality botulinum products to ensure safe and accurate results. We offer a free review appointment, with top up if necessary, after 2 weeks.

Malone Aesthetics — Fees

Anti-wrinkle treatments — Botox™

Treatment Price
1 Area £145
2 Areas £195
3 Areas £230
To combat clenching £300
For chin £125
For platysymal bands (neck) £230

Lip Enhancements

Treatment Price
0.5ml £165
1ml £230

Cheek Enhancments

Treatment Price
from £220
Additional Syrignes Price upon consult

Jawline Conturing

Treatment Price
from £350

Tear Trough

Treatment Price
from £250


Treatment Price
from £350

Hollistic Facial Filler Treatments

Treatment Price
8 point lift price upon consult
MD Codes price upon consult


Treatment Price
2 treatments one month apart £450

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