Our Practice

We see the art in dentistry and facial aesthetics. The understanding. The care. The passion. We know that the perfect smile is the one that makes you proud.

 Every dental experience is unique to you. Listening to understand your personal dental needs, our highly trained staff will be with you every step of the way to provide you with the best dental treatment.



Located in a repurposed family residence in green surroundings in the university quarter of Belfast, our friendly team is ready to welcome you and all your family and make you feel comfortable at Malone Dental.

With a wide range of NHS and independent dental and facial aesthetics services available, we are here to guide you through every detail of your initial assessment and treatment to deliver a caring experience that feels right at home.




Dentistry and facial aesthetics are our passions. We use modern innovative techniques and undertake extensive continuous professional development to ensure we always provide the best care for you.

We see the art in dentistry that we know will inspire your smile and maintain your teeth and gums in tip top health. To complete the ring of confidence, why not ask about our professional facial aesthetics treatments as well.