Sport & Mouth Guards

Sports & Night Mouth Guards

Protection for your teeth, gums and jaw no matter how tough the going gets

If you play contact sports like hockey, camogie, football, cricket, rugby, American football or boxing, you will be well aware of the risk of trauma to your teeth. Why risk breaking or losing teeth, or suffer a jaw dislocation or fracture when you can have the protection of a custom-made mouth guard for a modest price?

Call into Malone Dental for a quick impression and your new mouth guard will be with you in a few days. Then you can tackle, shoot, dribble, defend, drop kick or scrummage hard knowing your teeth are safer.

We also recommend mouth guards if you tend to clench or grind your teeth at night (bruxism.) As you sleep, the strong forces exerted by your jaw can fracture or grind away on your teeth. Wearing a custom-made mouth guard at night can prevent this damage.


It is vital to protect your teeth, gums and jaw when playing contact sports or if you have issues grinding your teeth when asleep.

Custom made for you, our comfortable mouth guards act as a barrier to reduce impact when in physical contact and by creating a less abrasive surface for teeth to grind against.

For any treatment we provide, we start by understanding your unique dental needs. We will be with you at every step of the process to help recommend the best treatment for you as well as prepare your teeth for the best continuing results.

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